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Natural Lover (MAPALIGI)
At 12.10 on 6 December 1995, LPKIG IGI declared the establishment of Mapaligi under its aegis. In August 1996, MAPALIGI had made to climb the mount of Semeru, the root of Java Island.

In the peak of Semeru, for the very first time, Mapaligi introduced themselves to public outside Bandung. Other then the mountain and forest activities, the four expedition members of Mapaligi had also made journeys to the coasts; Pangandaran, Ciamis, Lebak Banten, and Cilangkahan.

In March 1997, The Expedition of Sagara Kidul I took the track of Pameungpeuk (Garut) to Sindang Barang (Cianjur). The second expedition in July 1998 took the track of Pameungpeuk to Pangandaran (Ciamis). The third expedition took the track of Sindang Barang to Ujung Genteng (Sukabumi) in March 2000. In the following year, March 2002, the forth expedition took the track of Ujung Genteng to Cilangkahan (Banten).

In February 1999, The representatives of Mapaligi were invited by Wanadri to participate in Wanadri Orienteering Game (WOG) Bandung-Raya and Jabotabek regions. In this event, our only representative team won the third place.

In May 2000, Mapaligi together with HIMAPA STIE YPKP, 13 participants, climbed out Batu Parang Mountain crossing the tracks of Plered, Purwakarta. This had become the starting point of the Mapaligi significant activities in the following years. They not only climbed out mountain and cleared away the forrests’, through which they also gained the experiences and skill to climb the rocks.

In July 2000, Mapaligi delegated its member to take part in KBPA-Brke Bengkulu Volunteers in order to help the local government to improve the public facilities devastated by the earthquake.

In February 2001, Mapaligi together with the other related organizations under the guidance of SAR Gunung Burangrang participated in search of the falling chopper. At the same time, Mapaligi also sent three representatives in Jambore II Arung Jeram KAPINIS in Citarum River, Bandung Distric.

The expedition of Mapaligi’s IV potential members was held in July 2001 by clearing away the expedition tracks from the northern of Mount Slamet to the top. In January 2002, several of our members joined the environmental observation and conservation of Mount Gede to Mount Pangrango. This event was held by MAPALA UI.