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Social Charity
1. Cooperation with PMI Jawa Barat to hold an event of Blood Donor. The donors are originated from UNIKOM and will be distributed to the society in needs of
2. Cooperation with several doctors from Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin to hold an event of free medical examination to the society in Sekeloa Utara
3. Social services by donating properly dressed clothes and foods to Pesantren Nurul Huda Jawa Barat
4. Social services in Bengkulu, helping the construction of school buildings and mosques devastated by the earthquake
5. Social services in Majalengka, helping the surrounding society impacted by the earthquake
6. Social service in Curug Dago, helping the society to clean the river in the commemoration of Earth Day
7. Social services, cleaning the area of UNIKOM together with the surrounding society in the commemoration of the birthday of Mapaligi UNIKOM
8. Social service in Mount Papandayan by helping the surrounding society impacted by the calamity
9. Social services in Southern Bandung, helping the surrounding society impacted by the flood in Southern Bandung
10. Black Ants JANA BANA social services, helping the surrounding society in cleaning the Lingkaran Situ Lembang